Beautiful Knees

Oddly enough, a kid in high once gave me the nickname “Rodillas Bonitas,” which, if I remember my 10th grade Spanish means “Beautiful Knees.”

I don’t think she had that picture in mind, but in the last 34 years that is what has become of my rodillas bonitas.

Now it’s finally time for me to get a shiny NEW KNEE.

I can’t say I’m excite about it, but I am motivated to get the best results I can.  And that is what this blog will be about for the next year.

I’ll dig into the latest research on preparing for total knee replacement surgery, the operation itself, and post-op rehab and healing.

My hope is that people thinking about a total knee replacement can use my digging to make their own custom knee plan that works for them.

Although I am a physician, please note what you read here is not my medical advice.   It simply records my personal decisions based on how I interpret the research.  I hope it will improve my peri-operative course and I hope it can help you as a starting point for discussions with your orthopedic surgeon and your anesthesiologist.

To our successful outcomes,


Kevin J. Kane, MD